Monday, June 20, 2011

Take the Limits OFF....

Today was a very touching day for me. Not because I had any particular interaction with anyone, except my interaction with GOD. I took my youngest son to the library this afternoon and once I finished reading my new book, "How to Study in Medical School". I began listening to my ipod. I just purchased a new book that came with a set of CDs called, "Keys to Daily Victory" by John Osteen. In one of the CDs, Pastor Osteen was talking about taking the limits off GOD.

And as I was listening to the message, my soul began to swell up with gratitude, and tears began to run down my cheeks. I am so thankful that I did not limit GOD. I didn't limit my ability to learn after 12years out of college. I didn't let pass fears of studying "The Sciences" stop me from enrolling in class. Every step of the way, I received confirmation to never give up. My soul and heart were open to hear from my Divine Source. The Source of All Power. For He knew my ending before my beginning. And I made it through the first round. Take the limits off.

I actively applied myself in class. I actively planned my schedule with all the things I had to do. I did not let any situation stop me from staying focus on what really matters: attending to my husband's needs, my children's needs, my studying and my desire to succeed. I took this journey serious. I surrounded myself with people that would encourage me to continue on this road. I only spoke of my goals and dreams to people that could relate or believed with me.

People asked me how I did all that I did. All I can say is, I did not limit GOD or my ability to handle multiple tasks at once. I am a believer in scheduling events and I was able to accomplish all that was necessary. Every tasks was just as important as the other. ALL things are possible. During the height of my plight, I had to take my late husband to his doctors apointments 4 to 5 days a week, volunteer on Monday afternoons at Healthcare for the Homeless, go to class at night, interact with my children and give them whatever they needed, and then study late night...I was able to do it....I received my strength from the TRUE source of strength, God Almighty. When you trust in GOD as your source, there's nothing you can not accomplish. Take the Limits OFF...Leave your excuses in the pass. TODAY, start focusing and speaking on what you want without a doubt.

When I had conversations, I would say, Im going to medical school. I never said, "I hope I get into medical school." I made it an actual statement of fact. I am going to medical school...Sept 2011. I will officially be a med student. Now, My confession is shifting to, "I am going to practice medicine in the area of anesthesiology, radiation oncology or interventional radiology."

I am actively visualizing myself comprehending every subject, actively studying with understanding, excelling on every exam, USMLE results in top 90%tile, my sons happy, healthy and excelling in their school work. All three of us are embarking on a new and exciting dimension of our lives.

GOD has smiled on us....He will do the same for you when you TAKE THE LIMITS OFF.


  1. God heard my plea. I have always wanted be a physician but self-doubt and the peanut gallery prevented me from pursuing my dream. I decided to take my prereqs and go to med school, but some of my well meaning friends said I should be a nurse instead because I havea family. I know being a physician is my calling/my DESTINY! I know there's nothing new under the sun, so I prayed that God would put in contact with a black woman with a family who is pursuing her dream of becoming a physician in late to early 40s. Today (2:41 am), I typed in the google search window: "I am a 40 year old medical student", and your BLOG appeared before my eyes. I was in tears. I knew God had heard my plea, and my need to know I wasn't alone or crazy for pursuing my dream. I've read most of your entries, and I am more tha encouraged to pursue my path. I thank God that you have laid a path for me to know that I can do this too!--Kia

  2. This is a great story and inspiring. I will be 40 next year and always dreamed of being a doctor- I have been taking science and math classes, I also have my 4-year Bachlors of Science in Business. After reading your story, I am going to go for it! God Bless You for sharing

  3. @kiaconcepcion....As I sit here and read your response...I could not help but cry....(I find myself crying a lot these days...the good thing my tears are not from dispare but the overwhelming feelig of hope and gratitude.) This is exactly my reason for this blog...Please add yourself as a follower...


    When the FORCE WITHIN is STRONGER than the force trying to push you back, you WILL MOVE FORWARD. Im glad to say my inner FORCE is mighter than mountains and stronger than the sea. GOD's over powering love for me is PUSHING ME FORWARD...Selah


  4. I am really elated and inspired to tell my whole story. Soon very soon.... But Please tell us where you are in the process of packing to leave and what's going on?

  5. @njdr2b...I am just enjoying my summer right now..I made all my dead lines for June 1st and July 1st...So, Im just relaxing now..not going to start packing or anything until Aug...So, for now...Im just clearing out all the clutter of my mind..recharging my inner battery..and enjoying my summer....Praises to GOD....