Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Official...I've been admitted to Medical School....

It's Official. I recievd the call April 29, 2011 at 5:05pm. Early that week, I emailed the admissions department to get an update on my application. At my interview, I was told that a decision could take anywhere from 2 weeks to over 6. So, I was not expecting an actual answer. But, an update as to where my application was in the process. I fugured just email and let them know Im still interest. Well, on April 29 about 11:30am, I received an email from Mr. Rooney, saying he may get an answer that day, but he can not guarantee that they will look at my application and recieve it. So, hang in there. I was wondering what does he mean that he does not know if they will look at my application. Then I began to wonder, are they only selecting certain applications to review. I was unaware of that procedure. I thought all applications were reviewed by the admissions committee. Well, I did not get the email until at about 4:00 pm. My son and I were on our way to a Cub scout spring camping trip. So, I responded, "no problem, Im on my way camping, just wanted to see what was going on. If there committee had any questions, please do not hestitate to call me. I will be back in town on Sunday."

So, as Im driving towards the freeway, I notice that I had several messages. One was from, Mr. Rooney. So, I pulled over and called him back. His message tone was very low energy and monotone. He said, "Joyce, this is XXX From Ross University School of Medicine. I have a decision from the board and would like to go over the results with you." That was it. I thought WOW...He does sound too excited. At first I thought I would wait until I got back from camping. Then I thought, there's no way I could make it through the weekend knowing the ANSWER was available. So, I called him back. He started the conversation very monotone. Then He laid it on me. The admissions board thought your applicaton was great, you did everything your were suppose to by keeping your grades up, volunteering in the industry, and they thought I was a great fit for their program. Congratulations. I was silent. He stopped and said "hello." I muttered, I'm here....I was in a zone that was so peaceful, so rewarding and totallly AWESOME>

I did it. God has open up my well. (as in Jacob searching for his wells in Genesis)
Im moving to the next level. Never to return to the one Im on now.
I thank GOD everyday for such a wonderful life, the guts to go after my dreams.

I am a 41year old Medical Student. On my way to becoming a practicing physician...Praise GOD.


  1. That's awesome news to get! Congratulations! :)

  2. Hi, I just stumbled on your blog. As I was reading your entries, I couldn't leave without leaving a comment. I have a BBA in accounting and I'm thinking about changing careers and want to go to medical school.
    Your blogs have given me hope and it's encouraging to know that dreams do come true with determination and hard work. Congratulations and good luck!

  3. Hi I'm just wondering if you applied to both DO and MD medical schools. Did you get accepted to a MD school? Please advise. Thank you.