Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy NEW Years...2014....Love Myself More....

How did you spend your New Years Eve?   Did you spend it with family? friends?  Did you go to a swinging party?  Did you stay in and watch the crystal ball drop in NYC?  No matter how you spent your evening, I pray that you were at peace.  I pray that you were whole.  I pray that your expectations for the NEW YEAR was at its all time high!

Now, Take that positive energy, that excitement about 2014 and use it to fuel your drive to accomplish your desires this year.  CHANGE your world this year! Accomplish something that you have always dreamed matter how BIG or how small...It can be done this year.  With 363 days left in this wonderful year, it can be done...Start today...Start NOW!

Dr. Wayne Dyer posted on FB,  "What if the only resolution you made was to love yourself more?"  For we know that if we truly love ourselves, it will spill over to others.  This is my resolution this year...

How do love myself?  Does it mean that I should become self indulgent? Does it mean I will think of myself first?  Does it mean that I serve my needs above others?  I don't think so...To love myself more this year, would be to take better care of ME, not just the outward person, most importantly, the inward spirit that I really am.

We are all Spirit that dwell in flesh.  In order for our BEING to be WHOLE, we must love, cater to and nourish the SPIRIT within.  The things that I embody within are the things that I will manifest in 2014.  I did an exercise last night called, "I AM ____________."  Surprisingly, the list was 2 columns wide and filled the whole page.  One thing I've learned from Dr. Dyer is I must know and say, that "I AM CONNECTED to MY SOURCE at all times."  Knowing this will allow my spirit to grow to the greatness it was created to be.

Each year we are either growing or shrinking.  Each step we take towards our destiny unleashes a positive affirmation within our spirit that can not be denied.  Use that step as fuel this year.  Move forward and you will see walls fall, stumbling blocks removed.

I'm starting this wonderfully Blessed Year, loving myself more...walking in Gratitude and Wholeness.  I am whole.  I am Peace.  I am Well.  I am Prosperous.  I am Happy.  I am Strong.  I am Wisdom.  I am Understanding.  I am a GIVER.  I am Moving Forward....

Now, go live your dream....


  1. You are a wonderful spirit. God bless you. God knows your heart and you will become a Medical Doctor. Thank you for sharing your journey and sending out encouragement, education (about the struggle (and joy) of medical school- whether on an island or mainland, it is a mental and physical test), and your God given wisdom. You were accepted to medical school and you are seeing it through! That's so great.

  2. It was a blessing meeting you at the Car Show in Houston TX. I will have my daughter call you for encouragement

  3. Thank you for sharing your story! I too am a non-traditional mature student completing a business administration degree. I too am planning on taking premed courses as you did in 2008 and am coincidentally following in your footsteps. Your story inspires me, motivates me and encourages me to pursue my dream of becoming a physician. I am doubting myself, as I will potentially be entering medical school at 32 years old. But seeing your story; entering med school at 40 years old, 2 children, moving to a foreign country, studying 12 hours a day when you have to, getting 2.5 hours of sleep when you have to. You are truly an inspiration and I am in awe! If you can do it, I believe I can do it too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story. Thank God for allowing me to land on this page! I wish you all the best and I know you will succeed! :D